Corporate Communications

Communicating the right message to the right people at the right time can be a daunting task for any business. Getting things right is very important. It’s no secret what can happen if communication strategies go wrong – look for damages to your brand image, questions about commitment and quality, and beeline departures by a spooked investment community. There’s a lot of buzz in the cannabis industry and that’s why it’s critical to make certain your message is clear and calculated.

CanadianCannabisWire is the real thing – providing efficient communication and refined messaging. Our team of experienced professionals can help your message rise above the noise of cannabis-related conversations jabbering away on multiple platforms. We can implement powerful strategies that enhance your brand and send clear messages, both internally and externally.

Using customized strategies designed to fit each client’s needs, CCW offers accurate, consistent news release drafting, review and distribution to ensure your message doesn’t get assimilated into the mediocre publicity hive. Your message, your brand, and your news is announced and distributed to the right people at the right time.

CanadianCannabisWire can also help you overcome the age-old struggle to engage employees. If your employees tend to ignore the company newsletter, events or even internal emails, there’s a way to solve that problem. CanadianCannabisWire’s professional team can pinpoint any gaps or miscommunications and offer solutions so those same employees want to become responsive, talking and taking a more active role in making the company a success.

Other communication initiatives offered through CCW include conference call/webcast logistics and messaging, as well as supplemental script writing and Q&A development. If the goal is seamless brand consistency – and it is – then this strategy helps deliver this essential component of success.

Whether you have a deepening pile of high-quality marketing materials sitting stagnant or new ideas waiting to be expressed, CanadianCannabisWire’s communications team can help. Let’s talk. We can dramatically enhance your existing material or build new marketing messages from scratch.

CanadianCannabisWire specializes in creating attractive, informative copy that clearly delivers your corporate message. We also offer video production, sales material, fact sheet development, and print design and production. If marketing isn’t your thing, or you’re at a loss as to where to begin, CCW can provide a thorough audit of your content and take you out of that communication abyss.

CanadianCannabisWire is dedicated to providing clients with the marketing expertise they need to succeed.

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