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Social media may be viewed as only a teenager to some, but it’s already forced dramatic changes in the way businesses communicate. From the local startup down the street to massive Fortune 500 companies, social media accounts have become an authoritative way to communicate with customers and investors. Even politicians are seeing the wisdom of using social media to share information with constituents and the media.

Simply signing up for a social media account doesn’t really cut it, however. Developing a viable communications strategy involving social networking means consistent messaging that promotes your brand on the right combination of networks. Cannabis-related companies have the added concern of how they can advertise their products on certain social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter since federal law applies to these sites. While cannabis products or medical marijuana may be legal in more than half of the U.S., it’s still a tricky subject when it comes to these social media giants.

Cannabis-related companies know they need the right social media tools to increase client engagement, penetrate the market and increase profits, but how? The team at CanadianCannabisWire has the expertise to help guide you through the murky environment of sharing cannabis-related content on social media. If you don’t already have a corporate social media account, CCW’s team of professionals will work with you to develop your vision. Remember, maintaining brand awareness and consistency is a key part of social media creation. An effective social media account should complement your website and other marketing material, not leave consumers and investors wondering what’s going on.

Sometimes a little help is all that’s needed. Perhaps a good cleaning by way of a social media audit that takes a deeper look inside your existing accounts. By doing this, CCW’s social media specialists can find the weak links in your campaign that could use a makeover. If it’s an image issue, CCW has highly skilled graphic designers for that. Maybe your message is lame or lost? CCW has a team of writers ready to help create enticing copy that quickly nabs the reader’s attention.

Don’t forget – it’s not always about you. It might sound counter-intuitive, but your social media posts should give your followers something to do besides look at catchy ads. CCW’s content team can develop and post messages that generate excitement with your target audience and that’ll create more interaction, more buzz, and more of YOU on the web.

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