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Press releases, long a favorite form of communication used to issue news to target audiences, can either help or hurt a company. Poorly written and overly long press releases sent to media outlets, investors, journalists and others can literally be found filed in a nearby recycle bin – electronic or otherwise. On the other hand, issuing well-written, accurate and timely press releases targeting specific news consumers can mean the difference between no publicity and the proverbial front page.

Making a dent in today’s crowded digital world of press release mania takes a professional team with its eyes on your company’s needs, accomplishments and goals. Issuing frequent press releases of cannabis-related news can keep shareholders up-to-date on corporate events, successes, financials and future developments, which provides an essential and valuable level of transparency.

CanadianCannabisWire’s team of accomplished writers can assist with:

Writing – The cannabis industry is arguably different when it comes to the words used, public perception, and the status of federal and state laws regulating legal and medicinal cannabis. Paying attention to the unique aspects of the cannabis industry means choosing the correct words and presenting them wisely for maximum impact. Our experienced writers know the specific Associated Press Stylebook standards used by journalists – and the topic is definitely covered in this important “news Bible” – making it much more likely that your news is not only well-received by media gatekeepers, but by the multitude of audiences we reach through our extensive distribution network.

Editing – Don’t forget the importance of accuracy, either. News releases are held to a high standard – when a mistake is made, the only option you have is to issue a “CORRECTION” or “CLARIFICATION” release. Nobody wants to do that and your intended audiences – industry journalists, the public and your investors – don’t want to see it. From syntax and punctuation to flow and readability, your news must be spot-on and of high quality. Our team of editors are the best at helping create full, accurate and professional copy that generates results.

Eliminating Jargon – Sure, the cannabis-industry has its own language, but that doesn’t mean you should issue press releases full of jargon the average reader won’t understand. All it takes for a reader to instantly lose interest is to trip over something they don’t understand. Our writers are highly skilled in breaking down complex information and writing it in an easy-to-understand format.

Distribution – CanadianCannabisWire has an extensive distribution network – sort of like a dispensary – with 5,000+ distribution outlets across the country. We have a huge network of affiliates and social media networks on board. We’re not only great at writing compelling news, we know how to leverage that news, which means your company gets noticed in a big way. Let’s team up and get your company’s good news out there!

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Press Release Enhancement

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